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  1. Electrical
    I am building a carriage house and have all my drawings into the city, but they want to see a panelboard schedule with demand load calculations. This is a little over my head and I'd totally be willing to pay someone, but it seems like all the electricians I talk to are too busy to do it or even...
  2. Electrical
    Hi all, I have a GE TMC4020CCU Powermark loadcenter (Canadian model) with 40 spaces. The circuit diagram indicates that it can take 80 1/2" breakers (THQP) in any position. But it then says the maximum number of 2 pole THQP breakers is 38. What I don't understand is why this number is not 40...
  3. Electrical
    Looking inside the electrical panel in the house I bought, I was surprised to see the neutral bus bar crowded right up next to the ground bus bar, so much so that it seems the ground bus bar is virtually impossible to access in order to secure grounding wires to it. Here's a photo: The...
  4. Electrical
    Is it ok to swap out the bottom bus bar to one that has there large lugs on it? I have a 50amp breaker already on that side I added that I need to make a run from to outside. The large lugs on the top bar are already being used. I want a bar on the bottom just like the one on top
  5. Electrical
    Hi all, First of all, let me say thanks as I have frequently came here as a visitor to find answers to my various DIY issues of the day. :thumbsup: However, today, my question is left unanswered from searching the forum, hence my posting for your help. I live in a town house that is one of 10...
  6. Carpentry
    I am trying to help install 1/8" melamine flat, white panel/tile board as a dry erase board. This past weekend, we attempted to install them against painted sheet rock using Liquid Nails Panel Board tubes. The school's AC was not on yet, and the boards started bowing out along the edges. We...
  7. Electrical
    I'm not an electrician by any means, but I don't believe the wiring in my house is right. I say this because I can't run a vacuum or blow dryer without half the house losing electricity. If I move it to the other side of the house, that side will do the same thing. (By house, I mean a 1980s...
  8. Carpentry
    is there a pattern or cut so bring the floor panel boards around these rock steps?
1-8 of 8 Results