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painting cabinets

  1. Hello From Marietta Ga

    New Member Introductions
    :vs_cool: Eagle Painting a painting company has years of experience in Marietta Painting Services, Cabinet Refinishing and Pressure Washing Services in the Kennesaw area. Our professional painters work quickly, efficiently and cleanly, so you can be confident that the color you have chosen ends...
  2. Paint Grade Cabinet Prep?

    I have custom paint grade poplar shaker cabinets with mdf panels. I am going to shoot them with tint-able pre-cat lacquer then finish with semi gloss clear using a 211 tip with graco pro x-17. This will be my first time to shoot lacquer. I have found numerous write ups on painting cabinets but...
  3. New paint coming off cabinets

    I am new to this forum and would greatly appreciate some advice. I recently painted the builder-grade oak cabinets in our guest bath. I lightly sanded, then applied zinsser cover stain primer. Next I applied two coats of Valspar semi-gloss latex in a dark chocolate milk color. They came...
  4. Best Paint for Wood Stained Cabinets

    Our house was built in the late 1960's and has original kitchen and dining room stained wood cabinetry. We are getting ready to put the house on the market and I plan on painting the cabinets. I'm looking for the best paint that won't break the bank but will look good. I purchased some Kilz...
  5. What color should my cabinets be if my walls are brown?

    Interior Decorating
    I recently moved into a house and painted the whole house in browns. The kitchen is a chocolate brown color. I love it, but it doesn't quite go with the cabinets. I was planning on restaining my cabinets a darker brown, but 1. polyshades doesn't have a dark color that isn't a red and 2. several...