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  1. Flooring
    We used Varathane Polyurethane over a pattern we painted with epoxy paint on our bare concrete floors. We cleaned the floors first with Bean-e-doo mastic remover then with citrus based degreaser then with just water several times before painting the pattern in epoxy paint. We coated the floor...
  2. Flooring
    My husband and I are in the midst of renovating and insulating our basement and are now trying to decide on flooring. Currently we have a painted concrete floor that is in good condition. IT has no cracks and though there are some small uneven places, small divets etc we are not overly concerned...
  3. Painting
    Does anyone have any good advice about this? I would like to faux the floor to look like granite or some natural stone. Should I use special faux paint roller covers for uniformity it just use sponges or plastic bags. Also what brand/kind of paint. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results