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  1. Painting
    i just used (very effectively) Peel Away 1 to strip some gazillion layers of paint from my antique doorway millwork. however, i was wondering how long it is safe to keep the millwork unpainted after that and if it will be exposed to weathering (even though it is indoors). BONUS: Peel Away...
  2. Painting
    this is the metal fire door on my shed. i used 4 little cans of Smart Strip, which works OK on flat surfaces but not too well in corners. i was wondering if i am ready to reprimer and repaint at this point, i.e. whether the little imperfections are gonna show too bad. thanks
  3. Painting
    Hello, I've been stripping paint off of my mother in law's bathroom walls in preparation for painting because the previous owners used 1 coat of poor paint and it was bubbling, cracking, etc. The largest wall is almost done, and it appears to be drywall (this house was built in the 1920's)...
1-3 of 3 Results