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paint stripper

  1. How to Remove Stubborn Paint? Please Help!

    Hello! I'm having a big problem I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with. I have a pine dresser and desk that were made for me in 2003 that I'm trying to refinish. My plan is to remove the paint and stain the furniture for a more natural look. The only problem is I can't seem to...
  2. Wrought Iron Railing Disaster

    Hi, I painted over my indoor railing without priming it first. After it dried it remained sticky- Paint store employee told me to strip it- As I began scraping I noticed there were about 4 layers of paint on it. I used citristrip to remove the layers. Heres the problem- I was able to scrape...
  3. Recommended stripper for concrete walls?

    Hi, all. Does anyone have a recommendation for an effective stripper to remove lead-based paint from concrete walls? Any good non-toxic brands out there? Thanks!
  4. Paint stripper problem on baseboard heater cover

    I used a paint stripper on my old baseboard heater cover. I was able to scrape the old paint off with no problem. I then proceeded to sand and clean the covers. I cleaned with soapy water, which may have been my mistake. I allowed the covers ample time to dry and then painted them white. In...