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  1. Painting
    hi I found this sprayer on my tool board, can any tell me what it is and how to use it?
  2. Painting
    I'm painting my front door ("why in December?" you might ask. "Seemed like it'd be quick", I'd reply. Sigh...) So, after a great deal of work, I had it patched, primed, sanded, etc. And then I sprayed it with BM paint and my new paint sprayer (not airless, just one of the guns from Home...
  3. Painting
    paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation Please respond if you have a specific paint, primer and/or paint sprayer that you'd recommend that fits the bill for this project! I've recently purchased a home that was decontaminated from meth and I plan to...
  4. Painting
    I feel like I might be doing something wrong here. During painting it seems as if I've got this striped pattern on the ceiling from the 30-50% overlap that is recommended while painting. Of course, with all the lighting stripped out, I'm using a 250w halogen from the floor which I'm sure...
  5. General DIY Discussions
    I was looking all over the web for Graco Magnum Paint Sprayers and found the best deals (actually "closeout" deals) at CJSpray and was wondering if anyone knows what the best sprayer would be to buy for a guy that just wants to do his deck and interior rooms of his home? Trying to decide between...
  6. Painting
    Hello Everyone! I'm purchasing new kit MDF cab doors and am painting over the old, original brown cabinets. I know I need to lightly sand and prime everything but heard that the MDF needs an oil based primer. I've purchased the primer Fine Paints of Europe (expensive but excellent) ECO...
1-6 of 6 Results