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  1. Painting
    We bought a house 5 months ago and are repairing. It was built in 1940. A very weird thing is occurring. The paint on the 2 wood door trims, literally exploded off in a shower of dust and flakes. The are several layers of old paint , I would assume varnish, oil paint and now some latex. We know...
  2. Painting
    Hi - we just bought a new house and really like the color inside. The problem is the staging of the house included a LOT of wall hangings so when we move in there will be nail holes everywhere. Also- the paint they used is flat paint and we would like to use eggshell for a little more...
  3. Painting
    Can anyone help me? I covered some dark paint swatches on a wall with white water based primer and waited for it to dry for about an hour. I then painted over it with a water based paint. As the paint dried the areas where I used primer were bleeding through. I called Lowe's where I bought...
1-3 of 3 Results