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  1. Painting
    Hi trust brains! I'm new here and about to start my first ever renovation project for my investment property. Any suggestions in brands and paint accessories I might possibly benefit from?
  2. Painting
    Hi - we just bought a new house and really like the color inside. The problem is the staging of the house included a LOT of wall hangings so when we move in there will be nail holes everywhere. Also- the paint they used is flat paint and we would like to use eggshell for a little more...
  3. Painting
    Hi, I am new to the DIY world, but it is time for my little girl to have a "Big Girl" room and I have searched and searched decorating ideas. Being on a budget, I have decided to paint her room, maybe have one wall that I might use one of those peel and stick murals, but when I went to look at...
  4. Painting
    I am going to be painting my living room this week end or next. It has semi gloss on it now and it is white. I want to paint it a beige (we are thinking). I was wondering do I need to prime the wall first. And what is the best paint for the walls when you have a 2 year old. Has to be able to be...
  5. Painting
    I've recently painted and did the ceiling trim where the wall and ceiling connect. I Painted that last and now the trimming is uneven with the color of the wall. I used two coats for the walls and trims. How can I fix it? Thank you
  6. Painting
    I just finished my deck and grabbed what I thought was exterior stain. In fact, it was interior acrylic paint. So I now have a deck with one coat of interior paint on it. Help! what do I do now?
  7. Painting
    okay so here is the deal. Me and the lady have a house that the recent people did not take to good care of. We started doing the trim in the office and well.... 1st - we painted the trim and used some pretty nice high quality stuff. I do not have the paint in front of me but it goes on smooth...
  8. Painting
    I have a 20X25 living area which for 30 years had a popcorn ceiling. I had the popcorn taken off, the ceiling sanded, and some areas remudded. Then I hired an unprofessional painter who did what I asked. He put Lowe's eggshell paint on the ceiling (no primer), two coats. The ceiling looked...
  9. Painting
    Hello, We are closing on our house next week and we would like to paint the entire interior of the house before we move in. I wasn't sure the best way to handle this and in what order to proceed. My thoughts were to take it as a step by step project: 1) Paint all of the trim work and the...
1-9 of 10 Results