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paint and primer

  1. Stucco crack repair and paint

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am planning to paint the exterior of my house. I have a number of fine hairline cracks in the stucco and I have a much wider one as in the photo that runs across near the crawlspace vents in the backyard. Also the paint that was embedded under dirt around the house is chipping when exposed...
  2. primer and paint for cedar siding

    Our siding is 95 years old, don't know what it's made of, guessing cedar or pine? If cedar, is there any risk of bleeding when we apply EcoBond Lead Defender or are the tannins long stabilized at its advanced age? If there's still a risk, could we do an alkyd primer on top of the Ecobond...
  3. Help Identifying Material

    Drywall & Plaster
    I'm having trouble identifying a wall finishing so I know what to do with it. My house was built in 1923 but I don't know when this was installed but I think it's original. The room is a screened sleeping porch. The coating is sandy and rubs off easily. There appears to be lathe underneath but...
  4. Re-Painting a Deck

    Hi all - I had a question regarding the best steps and in what order to take when repainting a deck. I recently moved over into a house and inherited a large deck that has previously been painted (or solid stained) and is now in need of a serious update. Here is what I am thinking I will do...
  5. Prepping an old furnace to paint it

    I sanded this with 80 grit sandpaper. Some of the paint fell away but some seems stuck like glue. I didn't paint it, so am not sure what kind of paint was used in each layer. I'm afraid to sand more if it scratches the metal. What do I need to use to get these rough patches smooth without...
  6. Cabinet Paint Finish

    Using Earlex sprayer and Mohawk Dura-coat precast paint over mohawk primer. New cabinet that I actually sprayed over the primer, and then realized paint was way out of date. The finish was not good, so I sanded down, in places to bare wood again - maybe 5% of entire surface now has wood grain...
  7. Paint aluminum (?) cosmetic train case? (photo attached)

    Hi: Newbie here, and couldn't find anything quite on point for this question. I scored a $100 MAC cosmetic train case for $5 at a resale shop--very happy! It is black, but I'd like to paint it a color that coordinates with my bathroom (lighter: yellow, green, blue, or even white). I'm...
  8. Hydro Dipping DIY at home how-to video

    Hydro Dipping DIY how-to video!
  9. nicotine problem

    How do I paint over 40 year old oil base-stained rough-sawn cedar that is heavily covered in nicotine? It is a Wainscotting in the basement currently stained dark brown with an orange undertone. We removed nicotine with TSP on the dry wall & concret walls. (Can anything be done on the rough...
  10. Hello... i am james

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone I am james from Australia and always interested to discover new things, learn new techniques from every field so that i can improve my knowledge but basically i am keen interested in chemicals such as paint, waterproofing etc. :smile:
  11. Wood painting conundrum!

    Hi all, I have just moved into a new house and I wanted to update the bathroom cabinets. I can tell from looking inside that they were originally painted a sky blue color. The previous owners painted them an off white color. I have painted them with three layers of Rustoleum Ultra Cover...
  12. First time DIYer - need guidance for painting kid's room

    Hi, I am new to the DIY world, but it is time for my little girl to have a "Big Girl" room and I have searched and searched decorating ideas. Being on a budget, I have decided to paint her room, maybe have one wall that I might use one of those peel and stick murals, but when I went to look at...
  13. Painting Aluminum Siding

    We are planning on painting the aluminum siding on our house. It has never been painted before, what is on it is what came on it from the factory. On the sides of the house that get the hot sun the paint is chipping off. We have power washed already. On the sides where the paint was chipping off...
  14. Painting My Living Room!!!

    I am going to be painting my living room this week end or next. It has semi gloss on it now and it is white. I want to paint it a beige (we are thinking). I was wondering do I need to prime the wall first. And what is the best paint for the walls when you have a 2 year old. Has to be able to be...
  15. Paint and primer.

    I am planing on painting our new old house with Ellen Kennon paints. My questions is; do I need to use her primers? Can one use any brand primer with any brand paint? I know that I will have to have a primer without grey or black,but other than that can I use a cheaper primer?