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  1. Overhead to a subpanel

    I want to go overhead to a subpanel on a utility pole. I already have the #6 Romex wire in my attic (no longer in use), so I will make a junction in the attic, run to an eave, and mount a box on my home's fascia with the Romex inside. That will also be a junction box. What I want to do is select...
  2. Student Looking for project help

    Hello, I'm a student learning how to become a Carpenter, I've just been given an assignment where I have to detail the material list and the making of a 12' x 16' Utility Shed. On the Material List I was given, it specified that I needed a, 110 Volt small building entrance, electrical outlets...
  3. 200 amp Sec. Svc. Design Overhead/Underground

    Anyone have input on how best to complete this job?: 1) From 200 amp metering panel, I need to go 550 feet to a building site; future custom home, and I want 200 amp service available there. 2) In Northern California, PG&E, and full of government entities scrutinizing every aspect of...
  4. Subpanel

    I just bought a foreclosure and the previous owner cut the overhead cable from the house to the detached garage. The wire that's there is two #2 aluminum and a stranded bare aluminum. He cut it right at the weather head and left enough so that I can do a new splice and drop to the sub panel if...
  5. Best option for wiring multiple overhead lights/switches

    Hi, I have a 40 year old home with no overhead lights in any of the bedrooms. Currently, each of the rooms has a switch by the door controlling one outlet per room. At this point, I've ripped out all the sheet rock in one room, and replaced the old wiring with 12/2 (the existing wiring, and...