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outlet box

  1. Hardwired Range Hood

    I am remodeling a kitchen and adding a new gas range with vent hood. The previous set up had an under cabinet light above the range that was fed from a receptacle box. Can I use that same run to wire the range hood? Or does the hood need to have a dedicated circuit from the panel? Note: this...
  2. Retrofit exterior outlet options

    Hi all, I'm looking at doing an improvement on my home, I'm in Texas. I have 4 exterior outlets, and the outlets are inside a plastic box, which are attached to the exterior of the home. So there is a 3" box extending from the wall in all locations, and the boxes are starting to fade as they are...
  3. Extra and loose wires

    Just removed wall paneling and found the the wiring in the pics. I've got the drywall guy coming in Monday morning and am wondering if I or an electrician should correct anything before the walls go up? I am going to move all the boxes out 1/2 inch before drywall. The I yellow-capped and taped...
  4. 9 Wires to a single outlet

    I was about to replace an outlet because the plugs were falling out of the old outlet. I have replaced multiple outlets before with no problem. After turning off the power and removing the old outlet (standard 2 plug outlet) the outlet had 9 total wires going into/out of it. It has 4 black...
  5. Grounded Electrical Outlet?

    Hi everyone, I am a homeowner trying to save some money by doing the work myself. I am new to wiring, but I am trying to swap out my two prong electrical outlets with three prong outlets. I have tested the outlets with a voltage meter and I have found that the receptacle boxes on my main...
  6. How do i take a power outlet off of a controll switch

    I have a power outlet that is controlled by a toggle light switch. I would like the outlet to always be hot and not be controlled by a switch. What should I do?
  7. Water line next to outlet?

    I am replacing some drywall and want to take the opportunity to move an electrical outlet. It's an easy move but where I'd like to put it has a copper water line running right behind where the box would be -- if I put it there, the pipe will actually rest against the back of the outlet box...