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  1. Fixing crumbling and falling apart outdoor plaster ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hello (first post), I have an outdoor patio with a (I'm guessing) plaster ceiling. Since we've bought the house 2 years ago part of the ceiling has broken off and cracks are starting to get larger. I'm wondering what I can do to limit the growth of the cracks or fix it in general. A...
  2. How to take apart outdoor faucet

    Hello All, My outdoor faucet is leaking from the handle. I tried to take it apart to see if I can replace the washer but I can't seem to get it off. I took out the screw on the handle, but the handle won't come off. I also loosened the nut underneath the handle, but nothing is coming off (see...
  3. Recessed Outdoor Receptacle

    Hello, Does anyone know a way to convert a recessed outdoor receptacle with a GFCI to a surface mount box that you could then tap off and carry power to another location or an additional outdoor receptacle? I looked at the hardware store and didn't see anything that looked right. Anyone know...
  4. Wiring for 9 Outdoor Receptacles

    I am planning to install 9 outdoor receptacles around our 100 year old home. Two of the nine will be weather-proofed floor mounted receptacles on the porch used for things such as charging phones, running a box fan, or maybe a laptop. The rest will be seldom used but will be there for a variety...
  5. Outdoor BBQ Grill

    There seems to be some problem with my BBQ Grill as it produces very low flame and sometimes it doesn't lit. What could be the issue? Thinking of selling it and buy a new one but if the problem gets solved won't sell it.
  6. Outdoor Light switch wiring help needed

    Hi All, When we moved into our new home there was a light post outside for which we could not find a switch. I realized there's a box with wiring next to it that may be the switch that was never set up. I've attached pictures. I was planning to use a double gang waterproof toggle switch...
  7. Outside coating for metals.

    Hello, I am looking for some kind of coating that I can apply on some painted ornaments to make them last outside. Is there anything special for non-painted stainless steel? Thanks.
  8. Septic system issues

    General DIY Discussions
    ISO, I found four feet of septic water in my basement which obviously i don't go down there much. Dug the top off the septic and found the entire electric fixture floating down there in septic water. The receptacle was below water, MELTED, piggyback switch plug and the pump plug in it. I ran...
  9. Outdoor lights not turning on

    Hi, I have 3 outdoor lights on my home (this model: I recently posted about an issue with one of them which would turn on for only 5 seconds and then turn off. I ended up replacing that unit with an identical one which worked perfectly for...
  10. Outdoor wall light shuts off after 5 seconds

    Hi, I have an outdoor wall light (see picture here: that turns on via a switch. When I switch it on, it comes on for 5 seconds, then shuts off on its own. I have to turn the switch off, wait a few seconds and then switch it on for it to work again. But again, it only...
  11. Wire Type to Outdoor Flood Light

    Hi All, I currently have a switch in my living room for an outdoor flood light. Power is run from the switch to the light via NM cable through the attic. The NM cable is run through liquid tight conduit where it penetrates the attic at the fascia board. I do not believe NM cable is allowed to...
  12. Building an outdoor sauna - ideas for flooring

    Building & Construction
    Hey Fellas, I am planning to build an outdoor dry sauna. Ideally I would like to build a floating floor and would prefer not to pour a concrete slab in case the sauna needs to be moved one day (main plumbing drain will be directly underground). I would likely build it on Dek Blocks with...
  13. New outlet on existing UF wire

    I am trying to repurpose some existing UF wire. It currently goes through my foundation, with no conduit involved, about 14" below ground and runs a long way to a place that does not need it. I would like to cut it short and bring it up to slightly above ground level to a new outlet that...
  14. Wi-fi capable landscape controller

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have just bought a house with an existing 2-zone (front, back) 12V landscape lighting. Would love to replace the transformers with wifi capable ones that I can control with an app on my cell/tablet, preferably either on iOS or Android. Bonus points for a multizone (2- or 3-zone) transformer...
  15. outdoor wiring on covered porch

    Hi Everyone, At my new house I purchased it has a long covered porch with exposed 2x4s. Tapped off of an outdoor light on the wall is a run of electrical wire that runs up to the ceiling along one of the 2x4's approx. 6 feet total of run length stapled down then wired to a shop light. It...
  16. Power to outdoor shed...

    Hello, I am going to be building a shed/hangout area at the top of my garden soon. I need power in the shed for lighting, speakers, a TV, and Xbox and other non permanent things like phone chargers etc... The shed is going to be about 12x8 feet so wont need more than 2-3 spotlight light...
  17. Foldable outdoor cat cage

    Hi there, It's my first thread here, and I hope that this might be a suitable forum for my task at hand. I'm looking to create an outdoor cat cage for my new home I have just moved into, and after having had discussions with the owner of the home they agreed to let me have a cat cage, but it...
  18. leaking outdoor faucet

    Hello! I was using my outdoor hose for 5mins and shut it off. Went back 5 mins. later to turn it on and it starts spraying water from knob area. Does this faucet need to be replaced or can it be repaired? It was just replaced 3 years ago. Thanks!
  19. Outdoor DIY Rain Canopy

    General DIY Discussions
    So for the past 5 yrs we have had an annual chili cook-off and it has always been perfect weather. It appears our luck has ran out as there is a good chance that its going to rain this Saturday. I have a patio that is roughly 30x16, but currently there is nothing covering it. I have priced out...
  20. identify and fix this leaky outdoor tap

    hi guys, can u tell me what kind of tap this is? tap1 its installed in my garage but now is leaking thru the upper portion where the black cap is. The top of the black cap has "non siphon" marked on it. tap2 shows the tap with the cap off, it leaks right out of the center portion on top when...