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outdoor lighting

  1. Attaching light to fiberglass column

    Building & Construction
    I recently had my wood porch columns replaced with fiberglass due to rot. The previous wood columns held the outdoor lights for the front door. I have the wiring pulled into the hollow column- but am at a loss as to how to best attach the flat back of the light to the rounded column...
  2. 24VAC 50VA transformers keep failing

    I have a 24-volt lamp on my front lawn that receives power from a 24 volt AC, 50 volt-amp transformer that is plugged in in the basement. The transformer that came with the house when I bought it stopped working, so I bought a replacement Class 2 24VAC, 50VA transformer to replace it. The new...
  3. Low voltage outdoor lighting puzzle

    Essentially, I'm having trouble adding a lamp to an existing circuit. I can get the existing lights to light, or I can get the new lamp to light, but not both at the same time. I cut the cable for the existing circuit, connected the new lamp, and reconnected the cable. The pre-existing lights...
  4. Backyard Project

    Hello all! I have a few questions about electrical... First of all I have expanded my old deck to include a little more square feet to the lower deck and a new pergola where my hot tub is now sitting. When I moved my 220 volt hot tub, I moved it approximately 25 feet away from the box it...
  5. Downlight in eaves

    I've been trying to find out what products are often used to create a recessed downlight in eaves, and what the prices are. My inexperienced search only turned out a product which was about $70/light, which seems awfully expensive. So, what do people use to create recessed downlights in eaves...
  6. Outdoor solar lightings

    General DIY Discussions
    A house in my neighborhood has outdoor lightings that looks pretty much like this: Very pretty at night. So, I am considering adding such features to my home as well. I'd like the lights to be on for the whole night. I wonder if any of you has a success story and would recommend some...
  7. Installing low-voltage lighting under pavestones - best practices?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hello I'm installing a new front walkway that will consist of interlocking pavers and a 3/4" stone/sand foundation. It will be bordered on both sides by grass. I want to place flush lights in the surface of the pavers (drilling holes in the pavers for the lights). the lights will be accents...