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  1. Garage Door opens on its own

    Windows and Doors
    I have a garage door opener on a double door. The door closes fully and stops. Then about 15 minutes later it opens without any action on my part. I tested this for several 15 minute intervals and found that it continually stayed closed for 14 - 16 minute intervals then opened on its own...
  2. Storm Door installation issue - what to do?

    Building & Construction
    I bought a Larson storm door 36" wide that says it fits a space 80" to 81" tall. I had a handyman do the installation. It turns out that my actual opening was 81.5". There is now a .5" gap at the bottom of the door. The extender and sweep are lowered as much as possible - just catching the metal...
  3. converting walls opinions

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I am contemplating completely taking down one wall and making big window-like openings in two others in order to opening up my downstair's living space. This area flows from the kitchen in the rear of the house to the living room in the front, with a dining room in the middle. The...
  4. Attic insulation over the cavity above the stairs

    Building & Construction
    Begining a project to add blown insulation to the attic. Currently, about 6 inches of blown cellulose insulates portions of the attic. From the attic I can see down into the cavities above my stairs (from the 1st floor, stairs come up 8 steps to a landing, turn 90 degrees, then 5 more steps to...
  5. stairwell opening in wood joist floors

    Building & Construction
    What do you do when the width of the opening of your new stairwell doesn't butt up against an existing joist! No opening has been cut yet...still in the planning stage of the game. We are converting our attic into a living space and need to install a stairwell. Our house is pretty old and the...