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open neutral

  1. open neutral

    So my microwave is on it's own circuit and was working fine, until I was flipping breakers off and on looking for something else. When I flipped this breaker, the microwave stopped working. I pulled it out, and now it works when I plug it into another circuit. The tester showed an open neutral...
  2. Circuit question

    I have two upstairs bedrooms that have lost power in outlets (7), ceiling fan/lights (2), and two switches. The breaker is not tripped. All the outlets are backstabbed. I've pulled all the outlets and switches to check for a loose wire; all are tight. Using a voltage tester, I found that ALL...
  3. hot / ground reversal triggered by a light switch

    I have a circuit that has both wall outlets and lights. My wife was drying her hair using one of the outlets and the dryer stopped working. No big, deal it sometimes overheats. She tried again later from the same outlet and it still did not work. She moved to another outlet (on a different...