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  1. PC's, Phones, Tablets, and Gadgets
    Samsung just unboxed their Ultra 23 on February 1, 2023 It seems that Tmobile might offer better deals by ordering online. Besides it seems store personnel rush and never find the best deal for me. They are looking out for themselves imo. It seems they never consider my wants. I want to...
  2. Electrical
    Has anyone heard of monitoring home power use online? I have used a in home power monitor for the last few years, but was thinking of switching to online energy monitoring. I have found 2 products I am interested in, one is the efergy engage the other is the the TED system. Both these allow you...
  3. Flooring
    Hello All Does anyone have any experience purchasing wood flooring online? I stopped by the local flooring store today and was very impressed by Kahrs' locking engineered flooring [oak 3-strip]. Hosking Hardwoods is currently offering this product at a great price. Thanks for your time &...
1-3 of 3 Results