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older house

  1. Roof over bay window

    Hi, I own an older house, built in 1949. Its getting to look a little rough on the exterior and I suspect I am getting some water infiltration, so this summer I am working on addressing many of these problems. I ordered a new window for my dormer and I plan to replace the ugly siding, paint the...
  2. Overflow drain and clog

    I've removed the over plate and hardware, snaked the drain too but still not draining. I'm having a hard time finding out if all this is not working whats next. I would be very grateful for any help or information. Thank you James
  3. Need advice on support beams in older house

    Building & Construction
    I have an older house that has a sagging floor in the kitchen and bath area. It looks like the wood support beam was cut to put in an overhead door in the basement. I was quoted $700 for 2 steel I-beams but I am in the $30K in the hole and need to watch my budget. It was suggested that I add...