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old house outlets

  1. knob and Tube single wire.

    Hi folks, this is my first post. Here it goes: We have a 1914 house. I'm redoing our bathroom. I know we have a few pieces of knob and tube left - overhead lights on the main floor only. The bathroom is on the main floor. I removed lath & plaster. There are two wires going to the switch, no...
  2. Two black wires and two white wires in a ceiling

    I am replacing a ceiling fan.( the old ones light kit was broken). I have done several fans before and have a decent amount of wiring experience. I did not look at the connections enough to be able to remember how it was set up. from the ceiling there was a lone black wire a black wire and a...
  3. Nurpolian outlet history?

    I just moved into an old apartment and found some interesting looking outlets that I've never seen anything like. I'm trying to figure out more about the history of the house and it's age so I'm wondering if anyone knows more about when these types of outlets were used? I did some research and...
  4. Adding a Outlet to a box with a switch

    Hi! I live in an older house and in the kitchen there is only one outlet. To make things easy I want to add an outlet right next to the light switch. In the bow where the switch is there is one set of wires one wire is black and the other is white. How would i wire it so that I can have an...
  5. switch outlet combo help-

    Good Evening, I have a project and I want to ensure I am doing it correctly. I live in a 1940's house with 2-wire circuits still throughout the original part of the structure. The bathroom had a medicine chest in it with a rotary type switch in it-none on the wall. It is pointless, at least...