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  1. Electrical
    I just recently moved into a room in a house build in 1947. The landlady doesn't know the exact history of the wiring in the house but the outlets in my room and the living room all have just two wires running to them (even though some had 3-pronged outlets...grrr) and so I am assuming are not...
  2. Electrical
    I am currently doing a bathroom renovation in my home and have some electrical questions that I hope I can get some help with. First some background - the home is an old (1930's) house with an addition. The old portion of the house use 2-wire electrical, with no ground and an outside circuit...
  3. Electrical
    I recently bought a house with 2-wire throughout, 2-wire without grounding conductor. Home has a circuit breaker box, 100 amp service. This is a brick ranch on a slab, with the electrical service grounded only to the plumbing. I don't have an immediate need to replace all of the wiring in the...
1-3 of 3 Results