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  1. Decomissioning One Hot Water Radiator

    There is a hot water radiator that is in our back bedroom on our second floor. It's relatively small but it is in the way of a wraparound desk we want to install to make it into an office. It's just too tall. Our goal is to remove the radiator and remove the riser pipes going to it from the...
  2. New Zone Relay Help

    Hi all, I am still having issues with my furnace and Nests. And I would love some feedback on this one. My furnace is oil fired, Buderus Logano G115, which has 4 zones and separate hot water unit. The zone relay is an Erie SR-601. I currently have 4 Nest E thermostats hooked into the system...
  3. 0W30 oil for Generator in sub-zero weather

    Last winter I picked a -15 degree day to do a routine warm up of my generator but I was not able to get it started without warming it with a torpedo heater. Can't do that with the power out though. I have been using 5W30 oil but obviously that isn't working. What if I go to a 0W30 oil...
  4. Oil Boiler Conversion to Cold Start?

    Hey all, I currently have an oil fired boiler that sends heat to hot water radiators throughout the house and also heats the hot water for all faucets in the house. What I would like to do to prevent the use of oil in the summer months is install a water heater. Is this possible to do with...
  5. No firomatic valve at pump on oil boiler

    I recently inherited a house with oil heat/water. There is a firomatic at the tank a 70ft line coming from the tank to the boiler. That line goes directly into the pump on the burner motor. There is no valve/shutoff at the burner. Is this a code violation/safety concern? If so how to I go...
  6. Temporary Removal of Hot Water Floor Radiator

    Alright, so I understand this is a daunting job and not for a beginner, I also understand the risks involved if something goes wrong. I have pretty good knowledge of home repair and know my way around a toolbox, just have never worked on a hot water heating system before. With that said, I...
  7. Peeling paint - latex over oil!

    Hi ya'll! Just moved into a new home (well, actually older - built 1980, but new to us!) The previous owner painted latex over oil. Paint peeling everywhere! Crown molding, baseboards, window trim, staircase!, doors, and 3 showcase cabinets with lots of intricate molding. It's a TON of paint to...
  8. Water Leaking out of Copper Pipe on Oil Heat Furnace

    Hi all, I've been having an on and off issue with my oil furnace for the last year or so. Every now and then water would slowly drip out of the copper pipe pointing down towards the ground (open on bottom). I'm guessing this is some sort of pressure release system? My furnace guy said it's...
  9. [Staining cedar home] Over my head... need advice on materials, approach

    Ok, I've done lots of research & figure it's time to ask for help.... :thumbsup: My wife and I live in a 2200 sq. ft. contemporary home in Michigan with Western Red cedar channel siding (rough sawn side up). The house was built in '78, and I'm guessing it's been about 10 years since it was...
  10. Exterior of house, re-paint

    Hello folks: I have previously painted cedar siding on the house and we want to re-paint. Is oil better than acrylic? Will it still need two coats of paint, if it has not worn out? Thanks for your advice.
  11. Oil Problem!

    Automotive Repairs
    Got a 2008 Ford Fiesta. I last used it a month ago (as I am on holiday and use the wife's car) I went to start it today but it wouldn't! There is petrol in the engine, but to my horror there is minimum oil in the car! There was def oil in the car a month ago... if it makes a difference, I am...
  12. No heat, only "glug glug" noises. Help!

    Background: I bought my house two years ago, it was built in 1904 and is the heating is oil fueled hot water boiler. I have a thermostat upstairs and downstairs. About two weeks ago, the heat stopped working. I thought it might be the new nest thermostat I installed last fall (which has been...
  13. bleeding riello 40 oil burner

    I have a riello 40 oil burner for my central heating. The oil ran out, I got the tank refilled but its not firing. I tried loosening the hexagonal bleed nut to bleed it but no oil is coming through. I hit the reset a few times, still no oil coming through. What can I do to get the oil supply to...
  14. Painting over new drywall

    Hi, I recently hung all new drywall in a room and am in the mudding and sanding stage. I will soon be ready to prime and paint. My question is: what is the best type of paint and primer to use on new drywall? Oil or latex? I assume latex will be fine but just want to make sure. Also, if...
  15. Need help oiling wood paneling

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this; please let me know otherwise. We have a 1931 house with dark wood paneling above the fireplace (now a gas insert). We bought the house in 1992, and have never treated the wood in any way. And it looks like the previous owner may not have either. It...
  16. Oil vs. Water Based Primer

    Folks, What is the difference between oil and water primer and how do you choose when to use which?
  17. Matching stain/oil on pine and fir

    We are in the middle of a remodel and are going with knotty pine T&G under the vaulted eaves for the front porch. The fir glulams are also visible. Do we try to match the two types of wood or attempt to contrast? The fir has some darker (heartwood?) spots, so matching may be difficult. Also...
  18. Childrens Play Structure staining gone wrong

    We have a 3 year old play structure I took it upon myself to refinish. I pressure washed it removing the surface stain that was on it, sanded the parts that were chewed up a little bit and began to apply an oil based stain. What I didn't do was make sure I was doing it right. 2 days after...
  19. Oil/alkyd over acrylic latex porch and floor enamel

    Hi, I've learned a lot looking for an answer on this forum but not as yet an answer to this question. I recently painted a small boat [bottom only so far] with three coats of acrylic latex porch and floor enamel over two coats of bullseye 1-2-3 primer and all that on top of a layer of epoxy to...
  20. So i put too much oil in car please help

    Automotive Repairs
    so lets skip the why's on this and just go to the problem. essentially i put too much oil in my 08 mazda 3. didnt have it jacked up all the way all the oil didnt drain out and then i put 5 quarts in it instead of the 4.3 recommended i figured that extra oil wouldnt hurt nuttin...well i guess i...