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oil burner

  1. Beckett oil burner kind find problem

    I have a Beckett oil burner that ever so often the reset button goes off. It will run fine for 5-10 cycles but then goes off again. When I hit the button it starts right up, very smoothly. I just had a tech come in and did the yearly cleaning and maintenance, then this started happening.The tech...
  2. Oil Burner stopped working

    Dear experts, I have an oil burner (Comet 145 oil water boiler) for heating my house. I turn it off for Summer. Yesterday I turned it on, and it started warming up, as I could hear the noise. Then I turned on the thermostat, and the noise stopped. The burner did not work any more, though a...
  3. oil-fired water heater in an old summer?

    I'm thinking of changing out my electric water heater for an oil-fired indirect off my oil burner: more efficient, faster recovery and all that. Problem: my 19th-century cellar lacks a finished ceiling, and in many spots there's not even any subflooring beneath the floorboards above. If some...
  4. Fuel Oil Furnace Problem - Help Needed!

    I heat my home with an fuel oil furnace and the problem I'm having is: The Intermittent Ignition Oil Primary which is a (Honeywell R8184G 4009) is making a loud clicking repetitive noise. If I push in the red reset button it will work for a few cycles and then start making the clicking...
  5. Hot water is hot everywhere but the tub !help!

    Ok so ill try to make this as short as possible. I installed a new shower and tub, previous to that I couldn't fill my tub with hot water unless I filled it with the shower, if I used the faucet it would come out barely warm. Now I have replaced the copper tubbing valves etc. and neither the...
  6. Oil burner will not stay on

    Beckett AFG Oil Burner. Burner continually starts with a thump, runs a few seconds, then thumps again and runs briefly before another thump. This can last a day or two, then it will start and the Honeywell Protectorelay® Oil Burner Control R8184 G4009 red button will pop. Removing the nozzle and...