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  1. Painting
    I just joined because I am facing a real problem. I asked my house painter to re-coat my deck, thinking and wanting semitransparent stain like what was there. When I came home from work he put down OIL-BASED paint not stain. I was going to try to live with it, but it has already bubbled up in...
  2. Painting
    Yup, I think I've made a tin of very colourful mayonnaise and smeared on the door. It's not drying up at all :| Here's more detail: 1. did 1st coat [B&Q Exterior Gloss] without adding anything - it dried OK. 2. then by mistake, I added water-based clean spirit [Bartoline] into the tin and shook...
  3. General DIY Discussions
    For [oil-based] staining of interior window trim - is it better to use liquid oil or gel where accurate edging is needed? Also, would cotton cloth be the best applicator?
  4. Painting
    I have used Bear plus solid deck stain- two words- stay away! It peeled in places so bad I have to re-do the whole thing. I am looking for the best product so I can get a few years in without having to redo it. I am going with solid because that is what is already there. I need something that...
1-4 of 4 Results