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  1. Painting
    Good morning, all. Newbie here. I'm going to be repainting cabinets that were painted 10 or more years ago with white-now-nicely-yellowed oil paint. I'm going to be using oil based again, and I know about the typical sanding/tack cloth prep and all that, but my issue is this: I am at a...
  2. Painting
    Hi! I sanded and primed an old dresser of mine yesterday afternoon. I used 100 and 150 grit sandpaper and a Zinsser oil-based spray primer. (Cover Stain) It was a very humid day in DC when I was working on the project. Much to my disappointment, when I checked on the dresser today I noticed...
  3. Painting
    Hello - My husband and I are rehabbing an old barn. We've added a loft. I have painted the plywood floors with red oil-based paint. I am looking to put a coat (or two) of something on top, so the paint will not wear as quickly. Would a polyurethane work? Or an acrylic lacquer? Or something...
1-3 of 3 Results