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  1. Where to put range vent on roof?

    I'm going to put a new roof on my house, with a ridge vent. My range hood currently vents straight to one of the roof vents... and those are all going away and being replaced with a ridge vent. So I need to determine where to install a new range hood roof vent. Ideally, the vent would come...
  2. Offset toilet flange install

    Remodeling bathroom. Slab! Pulled toilet to remove old tile and install new toilet flange at proper height once new tile is installed. Discovered that original flange is brass, soldered to lead sleeve. Lead sleeve 4” tapering to 3” and glued into 3” PVC closet elbow about 3” below slab. Lead is...
  3. Stair handrail offset

    I need to place a handrail on my basement staircase. On one side, the wall goes about half-way down before it ends and opens up to the room, so a handrail mounted here would end half-way down the stairs. The other side is solid from top to bottom of the staircase, but at the floor level of the...
  4. Rotating the Toilet 90 Degrees?

    Hello all, I am doing a complete renovation of the downstairs bathroom (thanks to some fun water damage…) and would like to rotate the toilet 90 degrees. After perusing the web for a while, it seems like I am going to run into some code issues for toilet flange location if I turn the...
  5. Off-set Wallpaper

    Hi guys and gals, how do you go about measuring off-set/drop-down wallpaper with no cutting guides on the back? I just cant figure it out in my head. If my walls are 2 meters do I pull out 2 meters + the pattern repeat length (50cm) and then to the next "common point" that I always want...