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  1. I need Home office ideas

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a 10 X 10 bedroom that I use as a home office. I need help and ideas on how to make it a comfortable home office. I have been searching online for office desk, but I am not impressed. I was thinking of attempting to make my own desk table/ shelving units, something also cat friendly as...
  2. Need help with existing built-ins

    Hello! First time poster :) After gutting our house to the studs in 3/4 of the rooms, and getting many nasty expensive surprises in the process, I'm looking to do something relatively simple with the built-ins in the office/guest room. It took me seemingly forever to strip the paint, repaint...
  3. Should I go w/ glass blocks??

    I am thinking of putting translucent glass blocks in this void under the soffit and right of the walk through door. This will separate the long rec room and future office w/ attached half bath that is in my basement project. I am looking for knowledge on installing the blocks, which ones to...
  4. Sherlock-look in a College Dorm

    Interior Decorating
    Hello! I'm new to the site, having found it through a quick search for ideas via Google, so I'll start by introducing myself: My name is Matt, I'm 19, and I'm now a sophomore in college. What I noticed progressing from my freshman year and now into my sophomore year is a need for defining...
  5. How to Organize your Work Spaces

    How To Guides
    I was talking with a couple of the admins and well I really wanted to create a whole section dedicated to this. This might have to satisfy this instead. I was wanting to see some pictures or have some people post up some ideas for organizing an area. Like organizing your work bench, or the...
  6. Advice on building a backyard studio/office?

    Building & Construction
    As my three children grow, I am in desperate need of more space in my house. My wife and I both work from home and so we each take up a room: her studio (she's an artist) and my office. To free up these two rooms in the house, we want to build a separate building in our backyard that will be two...