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  1. Cat/dog urine smells on wood floor/wood wall

    Not sure where this should go, so mods, feel free to move it if needed. :) Ok, we are in the last stage of closing on a house that was originally built in 1905. It has it's original (pine?) wood floors. It looks like all the drywall has been stripped in the living/dining area, and the wood...
  2. Sewer Odor in Shower But Trap Has Water

    I really hope some of the experts can help me figure this out. I renovated our master bath back in April and hired a plumber to do the one task I couldn't - move the shower drain and install the shower base. Everything else I did myself. Fast forward a week or so after completion and I noticed...
  3. Cold Air Return Ducts & Aluminum Foil

    I've been trying to seal in odors that originate in my cold air return ducts. First, I used Zinsser B-I-N shellac, which eliminated the musty/moldy odors, but off-gassed its own toxic odor all last winter. This summer, I painted over the Zinsser with Safecoat Transitional Primer (three coats)...
  4. seal odors in conrete floor

    How do I seal the concrete floors in my basement that has pet odors? The previous owner had cats that urinated on various spots in the basement and has penetrated into the concrete. I have stripped everything, including adhesive, from the concrete. Can I just use Kilz paint or do I need some...