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  1. Painting
    We are currently in the process of remodeling our office into a nursery. We have vaulted ceilings upstairs, but on one side the room it left a short wall. It is approx 4 ft high. With the vaulted ceilings, we are thinking we don't want to just paint the room all one color and would like to...
  2. Painting
    Hi all. I have grown so frustrated after hours of searching online and yahoo questions, talking to the guys at Home Depot...and thus ended up here. I dont understand why I cannot find answers? :confused1: Okay, here I go: Let me start by saying I am a crafty person, but this is my first...
  3. Painting
    Hi, all! I'm planning a "Lion King" themed nursery for my Leo baby (if the baby is born REALLY early or very late, no biggie... I still like the gender neutral theme of Lion King!). But I want to put a mural on the wall and I was wondering if anyone has any "tips" on either: 1) The type of...
1-3 of 3 Results