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  1. what thickness plywood subfloor

    Hello. I am new. I read a thread about this but there were differences. I bought a 1977 house. Very very squeaky popping floors upstairs. Thought I could put in screws into plywood to make it quiet. Pulled up carpet: Not that easy because 2x6 pine T&G planks for subfloor. All uneven with...
  2. Why is my AC unit sometimes noisy?

    Sometimes, usually it seems after it has not been running for a while, the AC unit makes a vibrating/buzzing noise. I've tried to pinpoint what part of the unit it may be coming from, but can't identify a source. If I turn it off with the thermostat and then start it back after a couple of...
  3. Plumbing-thin pipe fr laundry taps to flr drain's Ht water, gurgles run water sound

    Hello, My basement laundry tub faucet (plumber put new one in 3 weeks ago due to dripping faucet) is making a loud and getting louder gurgling sound from the faucet Had same plumber in who put new faucet in. He didn't know what it was without tearing the whole thing apart by the laundry tub for...
  4. intermittent noisy bathroom fan

    I moved into brand new place 8-9 months ago. A couple of months ago, the bathroom fan started making a terribly loud rattly noise just sometimes. Not on and off, but either it runs (relatively) quiet for the duration. Or it runs disfunctionally loud for the duration. I can't figure out any...
  5. HVAC ductwork from an air conditioner hole in the wall

    So I'm in a building from about the 70's that doesn't have central air. I wanted to close up all the windows and use a fan blowing outside air in from the hole in the wall the air conditioner usually goes. I'd like to have a couple of turns to absorb some outside noise. What I really want is...
  6. Forced ventilation from a window to cut out the noise

    So I live on a busy street with lots of polluting cars and buses. Wouldn't it be grand to build a duct work system from the window into the room with a few turns, perhaps a muffler of some sort to block the noise, then a quiet fan with a Hepa filter at the end to filter city air pollution. I...
  7. Noisy NuTone Bathroom Exhause Fan

    My Nutone QT 110 CFM Fan is making a lot of noise. It sound like a bad car muffler. It makes too much noise to use, so we don't turn it on, which isn't good for moisture/mold in the summer. I purchased my current fan only 2.5 years ago :mad: and had a handyman install it. It vents into the...