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no hot water

  1. No Hot Water

    Hi everyone Since this morning I have had no hot water (from all my faucets). My water heater is in the back of the attic, and I would like to go and check it (carefully) to see if I can troubleshoot on my own, but not sure I can. Is there a U-tube or advice on here that you can give me...
  2. Extrol Model 15 - No Hot Water

    Hi Please help! We have this hyrdronic expansion tank and need to figure out why we have no hot water in our house. Recently, i noticed it wouldn't last very long then there was just none. Thanks, DB
  3. No hot water

    hello all: I live in the Fredericksburg, VA area (1 hr. south of DC). I bought my house a year ago so I'm still getting familiar with the quirks. I have an apartment upstairs which has 2- 4' water heaters: one to the kitchen and one to the bathroom/sink. Recently when the temps dropped down...
  4. No Hot Water at Kitchen Sink

    For the past week or two I haven't been able to get any hot water to the kitchen sink if I were to just turn on the faucet to the hot setting. I'd let it run for 20 minutes with no hot water. I get hot water from all other faucets/showers in the house. However, I recently discovered that if I...
  5. No hot water in the shower

    My Guest shower will not get hot or even lukewarm but the master shower and all the faucets in the house do. It wasn't always like that, the shower head shot off one day and ever since the plumber came to fix it there has been no hot water in that shower. I keep reading that this could be...
  6. Water heater trouble!!! Please help!!!!

    Three weeks ago we bought a brand new Whirlpool 55 gallon electric water heater from Lowes. We had Lowes professionally install it. BEFORE the water heater we were using the oil furnance. Lowe's plumber came and installed it. Two weeks it worked fine. Then it just stopped working - got a...
  7. Low hot water pressure, no hot water

    Recently my water pipes froze. That will happen when the temp hits 30 below in Wisconsin. While thawing the pipes a copper pipe broke. I replaces that and now I have very little hot water pressure and no hot water. I've reset the electric hot water 3 times, but no luck. If the elements...