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  1. Very Loose Newel Post

    If anyone has experience with a railing like this one, please tell me how to fix this very loose newel post. 1. I assume the bottom of the newel post has a dowel going into the bullnose step? House was built in 1954, if that makes a difference. 2. Do you think the dowel is screwed into the...
  2. Support for Interior Stair Railing

    Safety issue here – I would appreciate any advice/suggestions/knowledge that anyone would be kind enough to provide. I know almost nothing about stairs and stair railing systems and their installation. My short iron stair railing system was removed to put in new stair treads and I need to...
  3. Best fastener to attach wood finial to newel post?

    New Member Introductions
    I just purchased wood drapery rod finials for my oak Newell stairway posts and would like to know the best fastener to use to attach them. The finials came with a dowel screw already attached, but the sales person said they are not industrial strength and have heard of the screw breaking off...
  4. Newel and trim-treads - Split level Entry

    Hi, Last year I replaced the upper stairs in our split-level entry home. They were previously carpeted and once removed were obviously not strong enough for the proposed wood stairs (stringers insufficient and thin plywood treads and risers). I replaced them with a triple 2x12 stringer and...
  5. Hallway Carpet to Wood Conversion - Some Beginner Questions

    Hello! Due to my cat's problem getting to her litter box I am in the process of ripping out my upstairs carpet for replacement with a 3/4 hardwood product. My house is a little unusual because the staircases are at a 45 degree angle, plus I have a railing base that is tapered and won't match...
  6. Replace Wrought Iron interior railing

    General DIY Discussions
    Any idea what it would cost to remove an iron staircase railing and newel posts and replace with them with wood? The problem is that the railing in the hallway over the stairs is only about 32 tall inches and feels unsafe (code is 36 inches now). My wife also doesn't like the look of the...