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  1. Hey, from Aisa country

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    Hey, I am Jan from Aisa country, glad to join this forum to learn and talk something DIY, I believe it is a good place for different DIY home improve liking friends.:vs_smirk::vs_smirk:
  2. Ready or Not

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    Hi all! Former Tradesman, Cowboy, Real Estate's the new Trade, coastal GA area. Find myself referring to this site to read and find answers for those specific questions I have mid project. DIY expert...HAH that's why I'm here, right? Hope to get a lot of great advice and contribute when my...
  3. New Member

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    Hi Everyone My name Aldrian, a new draftsman for a new city location with new rule, code, materials and the way it build. i need advice and many stuff to learn about construction. join this forum to asking for help and may be share my knowledge ( not much). cheers you all, have a good...
  4. New Member

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    Hello, My name is Hoyt but I am known by my nickname "Chip". I currently help out in a custom cabinet shop. At 68 years young I have a lot of DIY experiences in many areas. I am here to learn from others experiences and share mine wherever I can be of assistance. My cabinet makers and installers...
  5. New Member

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    Hi, I have just joined. I live in Canada. Have a old house (Vancouver BC area) that keeps me busy and have recently purchased a cabin (north east of Princeton). One in warm wet climate, the other in cold dry environment. I was searching for ideas about how to fix my plumbing when I came across...
  6. Greetings

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    :thumbup:Its Hounddog from Grand Junction CO, although I am currently living in Western Maryland as I am the project engineer during reconstruction of several railroad tunnels. After this job we will be moving back to CO. I plan to work part time at my same company and finish construction of a...
  7. Newbie

    Small sole proprietor - have 2 employees...own a business in north carolina..married with 2 kids...doing mostly residential work...took small commercial jobs..but looking to grow / ramp up current business. Want to see how other companies are doing marketing / advertising / customer referral...
  8. Hello Hello

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    Well, My name is Matt and my wife is Pandora...yep like the box :) I live near Springfield, IL. We have remodeled our last 2 houses and are working on this one. We enjoy the fun but sometimes get stumped! :eek: I joined here because of a doorway issue but I'm sure I will post more! I am a...
  9. New Member

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    Hello everyone! So glad to connect on this site! My husband and I live in Ontario, Canada. Ten years ago we picked up our kids and life and moved back to the area where we grew up. We love it here but struggled finding a home with our wish list attached. So we compromised by purchasing a...
  10. New From Upstate SC

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    I'm just gearing up for Phase Two of a home upgrade project such as tiling a kitchen backsplash as well as two bathroom upgrades to include more tiling. The quotes I received were outrageous. I can buy good quality tools as opposed to enduring the ticking clock pressure of renting power tools, I...
  11. So glad to find this site

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    Hi folks, We just started a new addition to our home, well, the framers are done and the metal roof is on but now I start the electric and plumbing. I did this 25 years ago on another home but there are a lot of new things going on now and as an old man the old memory ain't what it used to be...
  12. Hi from middle TN 1940s house issues

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    I just left Florida and purchased a house in middle Tennessee built in 1947. it has the common problems of older houses such as poured block w/no insulation causing the block to sweat inside during winter which is causing mold issues. There are many other issues I would like to discuss and some...