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  1. Drywall & Plaster
    I have dated recessed lighting in my plaster ceiling. It's not a canister light but a large square shaped light. I'd like to change it to a flush mount light. The existing hole is larger that the new lighting. What are my options to cover the exposed portion of the hole? The ceiling is...
  2. Electrical
    we've installed a new light fixture today. it worked initially after we turned the light on but after staying on for and hour or so, the light went off. it sounded as if the bulb burnt out but we've tried two others and none of them lit up. we reconnected the three wires several times but it...
  3. Electrical
    I just bought my first house and I hand built a new kitchen island (yay me!!). Now I want to install some pendant lighting over it. I have looked at some DIY pendant light installation videos and they all involve getting into the attic. my problem is,I have no attic. I have installed new...
1-3 of 3 Results