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  1. Ugly Flashing on New Construction

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I have a new construction home under contract and noticed that the flashing looks pretty crappy in some places. The pictured shingles and the flashing (attached) were installed after the Hardie board. Looks like it was hammered in there. Just wondering if anyone else had encountered this...
  2. New Construction - Cost Effective To Put Living Space Above Garage

    Building & Construction
    Disclaimer - I know I need to talk to a builder and/or architect - but just looking for some general advice. :) I plan to build a large (24x40' or maybe 28x40') two story garage with living space above. Google tells me that a 24' is the widest I can go with 2x12s spaced 12" on center for the...
  3. Attaching outlets to the Carlon box

    Hi All, My builder installed some Carlon double-gang receptacle boxes in my new construction garage but I'm doing the wiring. I noticed that the boxes don't have mounting screw holes inside for the outlets (see picture). I assumed the screws there were for grounding (or something?). How do I...
  4. Electrical code for fan pre-wiring

    Hey guys, I'm building a house with Pulte builder in Nashville, TN and have a question about fan pre-wiring. They are charging $130 for just fan-prewiring that includes fan brace and an additional switch to operate fan and light separately. I was reading somewhere (lost the link) that new...
  5. I want the costs of a slab foundation, but I want the height of a crawlspace

    Building & Construction
    To cut back on costs Im wanting to go with a slab foundation for my new home. Im just worried it might look kind of weird considering its a colonial plan and the original architect drew the plans for a crawl space. Ive read about elevated slabs, but they add significantly to costs and tend to...
  6. Water in Garage

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi All, Wife and I had a home built last year and we had issues with water in the garage from day one- literally a stream running through when it rained (see pictures of Rio Grande). In November, they redid the drainage in the yard to divert water away and sealed part of the cinder blocks below...
  7. New Construction, insulation questions

    Hello, this is my first post so bear with me:biggrin2: I'm building new house about 4200 sq.ft. We will have 2 story family room and foyer. First floor has 10 ft ceiling, 2nd floor 9 ft, basement 8 ft. House is located near Philadelphia, PA. Outside walls constructed using 2X6. Outside finish is...
  8. How to square up a foundation like a pro

    How To Guides
    How to square a foundation like a pro.
  9. Modifying/Reviewing Stock Internet Architectural Drawings

    Building & Construction
    Hello Everyone, I am currently building a new home (first one) and am in the process of having the architectural drawings finalized. As background, I picked stock drawings from an Internet shop ( and had an online draftsman modify them per my changed floor-plans. I know it was...
  10. Pest Prevention in New Construction

    Pest Control
    We are building a house that sits 20 feet from a lake in central Louisiana. I would like to know if there is anything I can do before we drywall to prevent insects and other pests in years to come. I have been told that I can sprinkle boric acid in the walls before the drywall goes up but...
  11. New construction of second floor, would 2x8' be okay to use instread of 2x12'?

    Building & Construction
    We have bought a high school gym and we are making it our home. It has great bones. We are going to build a second floor and was thinking that it would be ok to use 2x8 floor joist instead of 2x12 floor joist, What do you think?
  12. Just purchased a piece of land. Looking for builders in Central Florida

    Building & Construction
    Hello everyone, My wife and I just purchased a piece of land in the Central Florida area and are looking to build a modern home within 2 years or less. I found this forum and very excited to learn about the building process to better understand what goes on when it comes time to build. We...
  13. no-box switch upgrade

    I am trying to replace a flat designer style light switch in a brand new park model trailer with a dimmer switch of the same style. Upon removing the (3-switch) wall plate to check on the depth of the box, I found that there was NO box, and all 3 switches were independently wired with 14-2...
  14. New Construction: Is This to Code?

    I have a 1.5 year old, 2 story home in Iowa. There have been some pretty large cracks on certain second floor walls, and a lot of doors not latching. Today I noticed the large basement egress windows do not have a typical header, and it looks as if the plates are sagging in the center of the...
  15. Wet basement walls - New Construction in Winter

    Building & Construction
    My son-in-law is having a house built (in Michigan) and is concerned about the basement cement walls being so wet. The cement work was done the first and second week of December and the house has been sealed up and heat was turned on January 15th. They surrounded the exterior walls with 2"...
  16. Tile on concrete floor with radiant heat

    We are going to lay tile on concrete floors with radiant heat already poured in to the concrete, (1200 squ ft total) the slab is 4 mos old with a concrete block frost wall around it (in MT) there doesn't seem to be a consensus on how to do it, we are considering porcelain and/or ceramic 13x13 or...