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  1. I Need a New Boiler. What do i need to know

    If you have ever need to upgrade your boiler you will know what a nightmare it can be having to choose what* New Boiler you need for your home.* What brand do I need?* Where should I put it?* How long will it last?* The questions are almost as serious as buying a new car or buying a home.*...
  2. Installing a Dishwasher in a raised house from scratch

    My house did not have a dishwasher and I need more cabinet space so I added cabinets and a dishwasher on an empty wall. The wall is across the room from the sink and had nothing to install a dishwasher. I have a raised house and have easy acces to below the floor. My dishwasher is on a wall...
  3. Gas Range

    I just finished installing a new gas range, this was a replacement of an older range. All the fittings are good, tested with leak detector, all seems well. I was not the person who installed the first range and now when I moved this range back into place the copper gas line is resting on the...