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  1. Electrical
    Good day, I am doing some wiring as a homeowner and have a question about sharing neutral lines. I have attached a diagram for more information. I would like to put in GFCI breakers to service the exterior outlets of my home and one kitchen outlet. As it is currently wired, the single...
  2. Electrical
    Hi there, I was doing a question on an assignment and it asked " Must neutrals of 3-wire circuits running through outlet boxes be 'pigtailed'? I have read some other forums and I couldn't found the actual rule in the CEC (2012 version) that states if it needs to be pigtailed or not. If anyone...
  3. Electrical
    My wife and I recently had a home inspection done at a property we wanted to buy. In the 200amp box several of the 220 line neutrals were just folded up in the box and not attached to the Neutral or ground bar? The house inspector said this was a bad thing, I was an electrician for years and...
1-3 of 3 Results