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  1. Networking
    Once the destination room is reached, computer #1 is about 11 feet in one direction. While computer #2 is about 18 feet in the other direction. Like making a Y junction. I am thinking of bringing the cable by the ceiling. I suppose instead of bringing 2 cables from the modem about 15 feet away...
  2. Electrical
    Despite my technical prowless when it comes to taking apart a computer and putting it back together, I am clueless (but a quick and eager learner!) when it comes to home wiring. In full disclosure, I am likely to use improper terminology here, so please bear with me... Here's my conundrum... My...
  3. Networking
    Looking for a new router as mine is crapping out on me. I want something with a USB port so I can hook my printer up to it. Bonus points for ADSL on the router. Anyone have experience with a unit in their home?
1-3 of 3 Results