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  1. Navien vs Rinnai tankless water heaters

    We just installed a Navien NPE 180-A tankless water heater. It is installed outside our house between our two bathrooms. When we use hot water we can hear it starting up everytime. In researching I found that the Rinnai RUR98 is well-rated and is very quiet. Would we find it noticeably more...
  2. Options for replacing an existing Navien

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking ahead about replacing my Navien CR-A 240, which has been running relatively well for the past 8 years. I assume that at a certain point, the repair bills will make this a reality. My unit has the two vents at the top, water into/out of the bottom and gas on the...
  3. Navien Tankless H/W Heater Clicking Sound Help

    Navien CR-A 240 Tankless Hot Water Heater installed in 2010. Making an unusual clicking sound as heard in linked video. Has anyone heard anything like this? Sound appears to be coming from inlet flow adapter/flow adjustment valve/flow adjustment v/v pipe. Noise begins at 00:15 (sec) in video...
  4. Navien Tankless flow sensor

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi- I have a Navien Tankless Water Heater NR-240a. I have been having periodic problems with it the last month or so. Had no hot water, got error code 012 - cleaned water filter screens and it corrected. It did it again a few days later, had it flushed professionally and it corrected. It did...
  5. condensing tankless water heater: navien, noritz, bosch

    folks, can i get some feedback on experiences with natural gas 'condensing' tankless water heaters? i need one of the bigger units, 199,000btuh, to handle about 3showers, worst case, in northern nj (they say winter water temp = 45deg), and if i assume 120F output, that's a 75deg rise. if all...