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  1. Lennox G60UHX Furnace, sporadically wont light, cold weather has onset

    I have 2 natural gas Lennox furnaces in my attic, Im at work but i think the model is G60UH(x)? The issue Im having is that the one furnace lately has begun to fail to light the gas so the watchdog stop is from attempting to spool up again. I can reset the thermostat by switching it to off wait...
  2. Seeking help on choice for Natural Granite Countertops

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey Guys, We have recently been looking into remodeling our bathroom and were looking for a granite vanity top for our bathroom. I have seen many displays/samples of cultured marble and various other discount options and they just don't feel right to me. I am looking for something with much...
  3. New Natural gas installation, many questions

    I am installing a natural gas line in my home from the meter to just one appliance, a furnace. I am wondering about some general installation and also what codes i need to be aware of. Also how is the pressure test accomplished do I install my pressure tester and the inspector comes out and...
  4. Need to stain my new cedar deck

    I need help!!! we have just built a new 16x26 cedar deck on our house and we can not find the stain or sealer that we want. We want to preserve the look of the beautiful red cedar and we dont want it to turn gray. What brand should I buy to keep the cedar looking natural? Everything we have...