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  1. Replacing Tub Waste Stopper for Narrow drain Pipe

    I removed an old drain flange from my tub (thanks to the cut and chisel method I learned on this site) and wanted to replace it with a toe-operated drain plug . Unfortunately the only replacement flanges or plugs I find screw into a 1.5 inch pipe and mine is narrower (I'm guessing 1.25 inches)...
  2. Putting up shelving in closet but walls narrow

    I'm trying to put oak shelves up in a small closet but the width of the closet begins to narrow near the back, making measuring difficult. I'm not sure how to go about this. Any suggestions?
  3. Sloped Closet Ceilings

    Building & Construction
    Has anyone dealt with sloped ceilings in their closets? My closets are narrow and long - any ideas for shelving, how to put up a rod for hanging clothes etc?