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  1. Do multi-wire branch circuits REQUIRE a 2-pole breaker?

    Hey all, Do multi-wire branch circuits REQUIRE a tied 2-pole breaker, and why? What are the risks of not having one? (Referring to when a 14/3 or 12/3 cable is used to power two circuits with a shared neutral/ground.) JC
  2. cross talk on mwbc circuit

    I have a mwbc where one is running my kitchen outlets, and the other is running a dedicated circuit for the disposal. the breakers are adjacent in the panel, so they are on opposite phase and share a common neutral and ground. I was updating the outlets and so turned off only one of the...
  3. MWBC to Garage Questions

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm in the planning stages of running a circuit to my small garage and just want to make sure all of my research has instilled in me an understanding of how to do this. The plan: 200 Amp service in Main Panel at house. Install Double Pole...
  4. AFCI Question

    I'm looking to add AFCI breakers to my existing bedroom circuits. My problem is that the previous owners did a panel upgrade about 4-5 years ago and moved the new panel about 10 feet to the left of where the original one was (I'm guessing to get away from plumbing in the original location). In...
  5. 12/3 mwbc

    I am troubleshooting a potential problem on MWBC. The circuit consists of 12/3 Romax (red, black , white, ground) connected to a split outlet. Each hot conduct was connected to separate 20 A circuit breakers while the white and ground are connected to the neutral bar. When the black wire...
  6. Ways around box fill worries

    I am in the process of replacing a MWBC that ran through much of my house. I am replacing it with two separate AFCI protected circuits. My question is if I run power to a switch, can I run a 12-3 cable from it to the box for the light fixture to continue the circuit down the line past the...
  7. MWBC bad neutral test results!

    AS Promised, here are the test results from our little real-world test of a lost neutral on a multi-wire branch circuit: The first picture is 2 keyless lampholders both with a 100 watt bulb in it, to simulate a balanced load, power off. You can see the 40 watt bulb behind them waiting "on...