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  1. Electrical
    I am installing a new entry way light fixture and it seems there is an unnecessary number of wires. It appears there are 5 hot (1 black, 4 red), 5 neutral, and 1 ground. Why are there 5 neutral and 5 hot for a single light fixture with only one light switch?:huh: Working with a contractor on...
  2. Electrical
    Hiya, I've definitely got a challenge here. I'm heading a project to create a large scale wall based piece of text out of 100 LED bulbs. As of now I only have the bulbs due to the fact that I've been unclear how to wire them. I've done a good amount of research on the net, but have found...
  3. Electrical
    The source of this problem is in France, but I think that there is no national difference in this case. We have a long hallway in which there are four light fittings which are all switched via a single bistable relay with several buttons along the walls. Most of the time it all works fine -...
1-3 of 3 Results