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  1. Electrical
    Hours searching for info specific to this situation has been only a waste of time, time I have no more of... Please help! BOX 1 (SINGLE GANG) CONTAINS = SOURCE (IN) : 12/2-wire + GROUND FEEDER to FAN/LIGHT(OUT) : 12/2 + GROUND FEEDER to BOX 2 (OUT) : 3 WIRE + GROUND BOX 2 (DOUBLE GANG) CONTAINS...
  2. Electrical
    Thanks in advance. I'm just trying to wire a table lamp with multiple bulbs and I have a few questions. I've wired chandeliers several times but I always clustered the wires - this won't work on this lamp. I've attached a diagram. I believe I've drawn a parallel circuit but not sure. Couple...
  3. Electrical
    I have made a DIY chandelier that has 6 lights, can I safely wire this to the existing outlet that used to lighting fixture with only one light? If so how?
1-3 of 3 Results