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multiple 3-ways same box

  1. wire multiple 3-way switches in same box

    In my basement I have power (12-2) going to a 4 way gang box (A) at the top of my stairs. I would like to put four separate 3-way switches in that box to control 4 separate sets of lights. In the basement is a second 4 way gang box (B) that will have 4 3-way dimmers to control the same 4 sets...
  2. help with 3 pairs of 3 way switches in series

    Hello, I'm finishing my basement. I'd like to know if this is possible. Three lights controlled by three pairs of 3-way switches. 1st light in gym, 2nd light in office, 3rd light in hallway. I'd like to be able to control each light in each area at the entry and exit points. From the electrical...
  3. How do I wire two separate SETS of 3-way switches together?

    Ok. I want to wire two separate SETS of 3-way switches together and then continue the circuit beyond that. Here's the scenario: I have a 120V power source (14/2 direct from the panel) coming into a 2-gang box. From there it is to power a 3-way switch to the 2nd 3-way switch to the light. I...