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  1. How Do We Add Structurally Sound Faux Stud for a Single Stud TV Mount?

    Hello, We are preparing to install a single stud TV mount, (Kanto PS300). However the ideal place to put it (visually for the room), lies between two studs. We want to open up the wall and frame in a faux 24" vertical stud, securely suspended between the real ones, then attach the TV mount...
  2. Mounting transformer to junction box - orientation

    Hello, I need to mount a doorbell transformer (24V) to a junction box in the attic. The transformer has a mounting screw and I know that the high voltage input (120V) is obviously enclosed inside the box and the low voltage is outside. My question is, does it matter whether I mount the...
  3. Mounting old work boxes

    Electrical gurus, I'm hoping for some solid advice. I am rewiring an old house (I'm pulling all new 12g, electrician handling panel and service upgrade). My issues are with the receptacle box mounting options and what to do with some of my old boxes. 1) Clamps in boxes that are staying in...
  4. Where to find this simple bracket

    General DIY Discussions
    I'm looking for a simple bracket to mount a really heavy whiteboard on my cubicle wall. I know exactly what I want, but it doesn't seem to be out there. Can anyone help me find or maybe suggest how I could make without a metal bending break? The brackets should look something like this...
  5. Mounting mailbox on vinyl siding

    General DIY Discussions
    I just bought a house and want to mount a post box on the front of the house next to the front door. The house has vinyl siding, so I assumed I would need to drill through the vinyl and into the structure of the house and use an anchor. When I drilled into the vinyl I discovered there is 4...
  6. Mounting acrylic panel so it's several inches from wall - HELP!

    Interior Decorating
    I'm making a large, multimedia art installation. I am looking to mount a 4'x8' acrylic panel on a wall so that it is about 8"-10" away from the wall so that I can put some light bulbs behind it (they'll be controlled by an Arduino microcontroller). What's the best way to do this? Anyone have...
  7. Help building a deck gate

    Hello! I need to build a gate for the staircase on my back deck to keep my two toddlers from falling, but I've run into a couple issues. We didn't build the deck, and, the previous owners seem to have done a "less-than-perfect" job on it. Here is a photo of the opening. It's a second floor...
  8. Actuator Mounting - Linear Actuator For Horizontal Axis

    General DIY Discussions
    So here is my current problem... I want to mount this actuator onto my solar panel mount to turn it into a solar tracker. I need the tracker to be able to turn from this position to this position. It looks like that is about a 150 degree turn. I know how to easily mount it so that it can...
  9. Help With Walls in NYC Apartment

    Drywall & Plaster
    Greetings, I recently moved into a pre-war NYC apartment and wanted to mount rubber-coated metal hooks onto the wall upon which I intended to hang bicycles. After much messy experimentation, several trips to hardware stores, and some generally uninformative conversations with the building's...
  10. Build A Frame with Rigid Conduit

    General DIY Discussions
    I want to build a frame of rigid conduit and attach it to a desk or table. This frame will be used to mount cameras, lights & microphones so I can record myself doing product demonstrations. I have everything figured out except how to mount the bottom of the conduit to the desk. I thought I'd...
  11. how to mount / bolt / secure wood to tarmac?

    Im building a large shed to spray cars in on my driveway which is made out of tarmac but im unsure how to secure or bolt the wood base sides to the tarmac so i can secure it from simply lifting or blowin over in wind i would apreciate any help thrown my way. many thanks. tom
  12. NYC apartment walls

    Drywall & Plaster
    I just moved into a building in NYC that was built in the late 60s and I wanted to mount my 42" plasma. I drilled a few test holes after I used a stud finder and discovered the walls were about 2.5" thick. The drill bit went right through, I now have a peep hole to my bedroom. The other hole...
  13. Mounting huge TV+sound bar above TV with down&out mount

    Building & Construction
    I'm about to mount a large TV + soundbar above a fireplace and I'd like to hear some thoughts about my plan before I go ahead with it. I've attached a picture that roughly shows the location of some studs as well as the location of where I plan to attach the mount to the wall. Note that this is...
  14. Trouble replacing a wall sconce

    I am trying to replace a wall sconce. The electrical box is rectangular in a vertical orientation and the holes for the mounting screws are at the top and bottom. The new sconce has its own custom circular mounting bracket and it doesn't fit the holes in the box. The diagram in the...
  15. Home Theater Speaker Mounting

    Building & Construction
    I'm finishing up on building a new house and I bought a new surround sound system 7.1. I would rather mount the rear and center right - left speakers in attic instead of having them hanging of wall. Anyone have any input on the best way to mount wall mount speaker in attic. There is no...
  16. finding the right smoke detector

    Hey, I moved into my home about 3 years ago. The home was originally built in 2001. Recently (like within the last four months) two of my smoke alarms have gone nuts. Both alarms were model USI-1208, both made in 2001 Dec 08. Apart from these two detectors, there are three others in my...