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  1. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi I have in pacific NW and I have a (cobblestone?) driveway. I am not sure what it's called. Its basically small pebbles held together by some kid of loose cement. Anyway, my driveway is quite heavily shaded and every winter the moss would grow until it's a bit slippy and dangerous. I have...
  2. Gardening Forum
    It's really hard to explain so I have a picture to show instead, but the idea is if it's possible to create a moss that is placed sideways and have it in behind a clear glass? :vs_worry: If it works, how long would it last?
  3. Roofing/Siding
    I live in Portland, Oregon where moss is the name of our game. I have used zinc strips, but they don't work when we have misty rain, fog or some condition where the water doesn't run down the roof. Is there something I can treat the shingles with to prevent the moss? ... or some other route...
1-3 of 3 Results