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modified bitumen

  1. Deck Tiles Over Modified Bitumen Flat Roof

    Has anyone had any experience with click-together roof tiles over a modified bitumen flat roof? Last year we redid a large (~18’x20’) flat roof on our house and, since it has access from our office (and possibly some new outdoor stairs) we’d like to be able to use it as a roof-top deck. The...
  2. Mounting Pigeon Spikes on Torch Down Roof

    I've been having a pigeon problem lately with pigeons sitting around the perimeter of my house over both entrances. This leads to a lot of droppings splattering both entrances, the car, the mailbox...really everything. I purchased some 2' strips of bird spikes with plans to mount them around the...
  3. Which kind of roof coating to use to treat low pitch mod bit roof?

    My city row house is 100+ years old and has a low pitch modified bitumen roof. It looks like a one piece asphalt or tar sheet covering of the roof. I bought the house 7 years ago and never had it treated, I think it looks like it hasn't been done in at least 10 years. The roof has no leaks but...
  4. Flat Roof-Modified Bitumen vs. IB PVC

    We're replacing our flat roof (SF Bay area) and I'm getting bids for Modified Bitumen roofs as well as a couple of bids for PVC Single Ply. I know I MUST have a reputable roofer but the Modified Bitumens (MB) are quiet a bit cheaper BUT they don't sound like they'll last as long. I'm tempted...
  5. Sealing penetrations for solar installation

    Hello, I am in the process of installing a solar system on my roof. I am planning on doing most of the installation myself, and hiring a licensed electrician to wire everything together. I ran my plans by the permitting office, and so far everything seems to be in order for when I'm ready to...
  6. Mod Bitumen Flat Quote Discrepancy

    Went out and got multiple bids for a replacement flat roof for our house. About 1500' sq. Am looking at two bids now, both for a 20 year mod. bitumen roof. One is about $13800, one is $19800. These are (roughly) the two most expensive bids, though the $13800 bid is the same prices as one...
  7. Flat Roof for the DIYer?

    Hi folks. I'm looking for some advice on our flat roofing project. We live in Eugene Oregon, serious rain all winter, hot and dry in the summer, rarely get's below freezing but it does happen at least once a year for a few days... Our slope is around 1:12 (it's an old house, one side is 1:12 the...
  8. venting insulation on a flat roof

    So, tomorrow morning my roofer is coming to install about 1000sq feet of torch down modified bitumen on my 1905 townhouse in DC over 2 roofs. Included in this, they are installing 2" insulation boards underneath the membrane. Also, they will be installing 2-way breather vents on my roof...