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  1. Problem with Mitsubishi Mini-Split WIFI adaptors

    I'm a homeowner... looking for some information and opinion. In December I had a Mitsubishi Mini-split system installed by N.E.T.R. Inc. in my home in Massachusetts. The system consists of seven indoor units and two condensors. Not a small system. I am quite happy with the units.... but...
  2. Poor temperature regulation new Mitsubishi Mini Split

    We had a new Mitsubishi Mini-Split system installed in our house this summer consisting of a central air handler to replace a gas furnace, plus a wall-mount head in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor. (Details at the end). The air handler and the wall-mounted head each are controlled by an...
  3. How cold should my mitsubishi mini split get?

    The system is four months old, I had an 18k installed in our kitchen/living room and two 6ks in the bedrooms off a single compressor. When it was installed it appeared to work great, the air was cold and the house was great. Now that it's really hot (96 today) we've noticed it doesn't really get...
  4. Mini split drain line question?

    Hi I'm self-installing a concealed, ducted mini split. This unit: (Not doing any of the actual hook-up... just siting the unit and running ducts, drain and rough-in of wiring.) My question is about what to run for...
  5. 3000gt need help!

    Automotive Repairs
    Bought a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL, starts up good but has a problem i noticed already. Id like to address these before i get it inspected. PROBLEMS 1.)Idling problem, turn car on and its fine for 5 minutes or so, then starts to jump from low to high idle. 700RPM-1400RPM and does not stop till...
  6. Mr. Slim install help

    I have been having trouble finding someone to install my Mr. Slim system. I read a lot about it and really think that this is the best unit for my old house. At this point I am willing to try installing it myself. Does anyone have experience installing these? I have had several contractors...