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  1. Looking for Good Miter Saw?

    Hi Everyone.. I am looking for good miter saw i am totally confuse which miter saws are good in the market?
  2. New 15 Amp miter saw tripping breakers upon startup

    I have a new Dewalt 15 Amp miter saw (DWS780) that trips the 20 amp breaker immediately almost every time. The pole barn was just wired a month ago, by an electrician, and all the plugs are installed correctly. I've tried plugging the saw in, by itself, on two different designated outlet...
  3. Which saw blade to use?

    I'm going to start putting up my top and bottom moldings on my kitchen cabinets. As we all know, kitchen cabinets aren't cheap and I paid a nice amount for good quality cabinets. My question is, since I don't want to mess up these moldings, what amount of teeth on a blade should I use? I'm using...
  4. Ergonomic Miter Saw?

    Okay, straight to the point - What's the best ergonomic miter saw out there and why? I have a new house and lots of projects that will have me on it a ton in the next few months and I want COMFORT. Thoughts? (My current one gives me shoulder pain after long days of using it!:cry:) **I should...
  5. This chick is buying a saw!! decisions, decisions...could sure use the help!

    Newbie lady DIYer here. I’m looking into buying a saw and need some advice. I never had anyone to teach me woodworking skills but I think they are important and would like to learn and pass on some skills to my sons. I am on a limited budget but I do believe in buying smart, not just cheap...
  6. How small is too small for miter saw drop

    Just got a new sliding miter saw, and have read that you don't want the piece of wood that you're cutting off (i.e., the part you're not holding on to) to be too small, as it can go flying and hurt something. But nowhere can I find specifics as far as how small is too small to be safe. I cut...
  7. Generator help

    Building & Construction
    Can someone please point me in the right direction here. I need a generator that is pretty affordable (less than $400) that can power 3 drills, a circ saw and miter saw. I will be running a max of 15 amps simultaneously. What wattage rating do u recommend and can you post models/brands you have...
  8. How a saw stand's dust box work

    Making a dust box for a saw stand I am getting set to build a cabinet type stand for my miter saw. The plans are here. I am going to modify them some to allow for use of an outside shop vac instead of the built in one. I know I can plug a...
  9. Miter saw stand and location

    I have decided not to buy a stand for my compound miter saw but build something but I have a question that may seem ludicrous to ask. Still, here goes. I know I don't want a fixed miter saw station against a wall of my garage, as space is limited. There are so nice plans out here for stands...
  10. Largest Crown Molding Cut on DeWalt 716

    What is the largest crown moliding the 12" DeWalt 716 double bevel miter saw will cut. I know the limit for cutting crown in position, but what if I cut it on the flat by using an auxiliary base and lay it up against the back fence" Assume the width of the molding is 1 1/8" or less. I may...