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  1. A real knucklehead move

    Just got our house and garage reroofed for many bucks. While working in my newly roofed garage, I ran some Romex along the roof (between skip sheeting) and used romex staples to secure the cable. After about 8 of them, I realized that I penetrated the OSB sheathing and possibly the new shingles...
  2. Big Ditra mistake

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    Help! We put down ditra on modified thinset over wood subfloor in our bathroom. We have hills and valleys maybe from kneeling on. They make it look so easy on-line. We pulled up the ditra a few days later and tried to chisel the modified thinset in order to start over. This was online...
  3. primer/paint combo...flat paint

    This is my first post to this site as I just became a member only moments ago. Thank you for taking the time to read this (in advance). I recently moved in with my fiance who happens to be the owner of a 103 yr old home. We all know that many men do not properly upkeep the interiors of their...
  4. i used the wrong kind of grout - help!

    Hi there - just laid new tile in my kitchen and did some grouting the other day. (used porcelain 12x12 tiles, 3/8 inch joints) One box of grout did half my kitchen and we stopped there. It's time to finish the job and we just realized we used non-sanded grout! I understand this is a big...