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  1. Seeking 1-1/2" Flooring

    We are working on a very old home with 1-1/2" flooring in all rooms, except two with carpet. We'd like to remove the carpet and replace with 1-1/2" flooring to match as closely as possible to the remainder of the home. The key is FINDING 1-1/2" flooring. I've attached a photo of the current...
  2. Options for cased openings

    I've been reading all the Q & A's under "cased openings", and would appreciate any ideas for my situation. Remodeling an older (1965) home that has had some updates where several doorways have been left with finished sheetrock that is not standing up well. I would like to finish them with jamb...
  3. Baseboard dilema

    I am almost finished having new oak floors installed. It will be stained medium to dark. Old baseboard is an awful pickled oak finished. I am having difficulty coming to a decision regarding the baseboard which is about 160 feet in total. I am very cost conscious as I am fixing the house to...